Interim and Summer Parking Information


Interim Parking Information Effective 5/8/2017 – 5/26/2017

During interim, free parking is available in the Ferguson, Campus Drive, and ten Hoor parking decks.  Individuals electing to park in surface lots will be required to display a valid parking permit or utilize the pay stations located near the Student Recreation Center and adjacent to the Campus Drive Parking Deck.  Visitor permits may be purchased at the Transportation Services Office located at 451 Campus Drive East (inside the Transit Hub).

Parking Permit Information Effective 5/8/2017 – 7/21/2017

Student Permits

  • Commuter Permits: Valid in all commuter zones.  No additional deck access will be granted for southeast or northeast permit holders.
  • Perimeter Permit: NO CHANGE.  Valid only in the Perimeter zone.
  • Residential Permits: NO CHANGE.  Valid in the designated residential zone, the upper Student Recreation surface lot, and the Perimeter zone.
  • Reserve Permits: Valid in the designated reserve lot/deck, all commuter zones, and the Perimeter zone.


Faculty/Staff Permits

  • Faculty/Staff Green and Reserve Permits: Valid in all commuter and residential zones, and the Perimeter zone.
  • Perimeter permits: Valid only in the Perimeter zone.


All other parking rules and regulations will remain in effect.