What is the cost of 2017-2018 faculty/staff parking permits if I pay the one-time fee in August?

How can I purchase an Accessible (Handicap) Permit?

What will the cost be if I decide to purchase a faculty/staff permit after August 31st?

If I do not apply for a parking permit, will I automatically receive one?

How do I register online for a parking permit?

If I am a retired faculty/staff of The University of Alabama, what do I need to know about parking?

I registered for my permit online, but it never arrived in the mail. What should I do?

Is it possible to return my parking permit for a full refund?

Is the cost of my faculty/staff parking permit tax-deductible?

How long will it take for permits to arrive after I register?

When are 2017-2018 permits valid?

Will I be issued a citation in August if I have not received my new permit?

Who are nonaffiliated employees?

My son/daughter has received parking citations. How can I obtain information about the violations or the fees?