Locations of Electric Vehicle Charging on Campus

University of Alabama students, faculty, staff, and visitors can now charge their electric vehicles in the following areas on campus:

Parking Area/DeckLocation of the Charging Station
1.Presidential Parking DeckLevel 1 on the west wall of the garage. *Reserved Access Only*
2.Riverside Parking DeckLevel 2 of the deck on the east end by the entrance.
3.Northeast Commuter LotLocated in the Northwest corner of the parking lot.
4.Transportation Hub DeckOn ramp approaching Level 2 of the deck.
5.Sewell-Thomas StadiumOn the northbound lane of Coliseum Drive adjacent to the baseball stadium.
6.Aquatic Center LotNorth side of the parking lot on the South side of the Aquatic center building.
7.Magnolia Parking DeckLevel 1 of deck on the South West corner on the interior wall.
8.Stadium Drive Parking DeckLevel 1 East side wall
9.Student Center Parking DeckLevel 2 North East Corner.
10.Ridgecrest Parking Deck Level 1 on the interior drive lane.
11.Capstone Parking DeckLevel 1 on the Southeast Corner
12.Tutwiler Parking DeckLevel 1 on the South East Corner.

Charging Station Instructions

POWER (yellow), indicates that power is
available to the HCS.

CHARGING (green), indicates that
the vehicle is requesting a charge and AC power
is currently applied to the vehicle.

CHARGING FAULT (red), indicates that the
HCS is unable to communicate with the
vehicle correctly, or a safety fault condition
has been detected by the unit.

1.  Connect the HCS EVSE to the vehicle with the SAE-JI772 connector.

2.  The “CHARGING” LED light will illuminate green on the front panel, indicating the vehicle is now being
charged.  There is maximum use of four hours on the charging station. Times that exceed this amount will incur a $25.00 fine.

3.  Once charging is completed return the charging cord to its proper position.

Other Resouces

Plugshare- Plugshare is a resource that allows you to locate other charging stations within the area.  By entering in your address it will populate the nearest charging stations on a map and provide you directions to reach its location.  You can also download the Plugshare app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

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Last Updated 9/20/2021