Frequently Asked Questions (Veo)

Veo’s Customer Support is available 24/7 and can be reached via email at or by calling 855-836-2256.
To ride a Veo e-bike, download the VEO app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Please make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded. You may need to update your app for peak performance and functionality. If you’re still having issues, submit a report through the app by visiting the “Help” section. You may also contact our Customer Support team by calling 855-836-2256 or emailing
If you see an incorrect charge, please contact Veo’s Customer Support team via email at or call/text 855-836-2256.
To initiate a rental, you’ll need to download the Veo app and create an account. Once you’re all set up, you can locate bikes on the map within the app.
Visit the Help Center on the Veo App for additional information and tips on best riding practices.
Technically, yes. But you’ll be charged an out-of-hub fee (and maybe an out-of-service area fee) if you don’t park in a designated Veo mobility hub. We strongly encourage parking at bike racks and other existing biking infrastructure on campus. To avoid fees, find the closest hub on the map in our app. It will be marked in teal with a small icon.
A $50 fee is assessed whenever you park a bike outside the designated system area, which is outlined in red within the app.
Check out the map in the Veo app and look for parking icons on the map. Through the app you’ll be able to find parking hubs and “Lucky Zones.” When you park at a “Lucky Zone,” a ride credit will be applied to your ride balance.
Check the Veo app to ensure you are not attempting to end your ride in a No Parking Zone. Leaving an e-bike in a No Parking Zone will result in a fee.
Veo encourages all riders to wear helmets, but they are not always required by law. Check local regulations to make sure you comply with all local safety laws.
If you experience a service or maintenance issue while riding, please report the problem in the Veo app by submitting a report through the app’s “Help” center. Make sure to include the bike ID number that is located on the handlebar or lock.
When you’re done with your ride, park the bike at a designated hub. There is a lock located near the back wheel, under the bike seat. Push the slider on the lock to end your trip. This will cause the app to automatically stop charges for your trip along with a trip summary.
Due to the traffic and pedestrian congestion during football games, Veo bikes will not be available on game days. You may see them at hubs throughout campus, but you will not be able to unlock them via the Veo app.