The University recognizes that concerns exist within the University community regarding the safe use of bicycles on campus. Pedestrians are concerned with potential physical encounters with cyclists, particularly in heavy traffic areas. Many University community members have concerns about bicycles impeding the free ingress/egress of buildings, especially in the event of an emergency. Aesthetics and safety are concerns when bicycles are secured to trees, rails, signposts, benches, trash receptacles, and other inappropriate fixed objects.

Cyclists have legitimate concerns of their own, including the concerns that regulatory reaction by the University might impair their functional use of bicycles for transportation on campus, that additional bicycle racks should be available, and that they may be victimized by the theft of their bicycles or component parts.

In order to address these concerns, the University has adopted the following Bicycle Regulation which seeks to balance the needs and concerns of all parties. This Regulation is not intended to be highly punitive in nature to those that do not comply. However, it will be necessary to use nominal fines, storage/retrieval fees, and other assessments when violations occur.

This Regulation was developed as a joint effort of University Recreation, Housing & Residential Communities, The University of Alabama Police Department (UAPD), University Planning & Design, Transportation Services, Risk Management, and Facilities.




How to Register your bicycle


Synopsis of Alabama law

Riding Restricted by Time or Place

Parking and Securing of Bicycles


Violation of Bicycle Parking Procedures

Operation of Bicycles When/Where Prohibited

Abandoned/Damaged Bicycles