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Parking Permit Registration for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

2017-2018 Student Permit Prices 

Student online parking permit registration will open June 27, 2017 at 9:00 am.

Students who registered for fall classes prior to July 12th must wait until their registration window opens to purchase a permit.  Students will be notified of their permit registration date and time through their Crimson email.

All students who register for fall classes on or after July 12th will not receive an email notification.  These students will only be required to wait 24 hours after registering for their fall classes to purchase their permit.

Commuter                                    $325

Perimeter/Accessible                  $220

Residential                                   $380

Reserve                                        $630

Motorcycle                                    $75


2017-2018 Faculty/Staff Permit Prices 

Faculty/staff online registration will open August 1, 2017 at 9:00 am.

Faculty/Staff Green                      $325

Perimeter/Accessible                   $220

Reserve                                         $630

Reserve Rose Administration     $650

Motorcycle                                     $75



Interim and Summer Parking Information 

Interim Parking Information Effective 5/8/2017 – 5/26/2017

During interim, free parking is available in the Ferguson, Campus Drive, and ten Hoor parking decks.  Individuals electing to park in surface lots will be required to display a valid parking permit or utilize the pay stations located near the Student Recreation Center and adjacent to the Campus Drive Parking Deck.  Visitor permits may be purchased at the Transportation Services Office located at 451 Campus Drive East (inside the Transit Hub).

Parking Permit Information Effective 5/8/2017 – 7/21/2017

Student Permits

  • Commuter Permits: Valid in all commuter zones.  No additional deck access will be granted for southeast or northeast permit holders.
  • Perimeter Permit: NO CHANGE.  Valid only in the Perimeter zone.
  • Residential Permits: NO CHANGE.  Valid in the designated residential zone, the upper Student Recreation surface lot, and the Perimeter zone.
  • Reserve Permits: Valid in the designated reserve lot/deck, all commuter zones, and the Perimeter zone.


Faculty/Staff Permits

  • Faculty/Staff Green and Reserve Permits: Valid in all commuter and residential zones, and the Perimeter zone.
  • Perimeter permits: Valid only in the Perimeter zone.


All other parking rules and regulations will remain in effect.




Summer Semester Rates for Student Permits

Summer Semester permits are valid for Interim, Summer I and Summer II

Effective May 1, 2017 beginning at 9:00 a.m. student permit prices will be reduced to the following summer semester rates:

Motorcycle                  $30.00

Handicap                     $70.00

Perimeter                     $70.00

Commuter                    $85.00

Residential                   $110.00

Reserved                     $160.00



Lanes along portion of University Boulevard to temporarily close

Two lanes of University Boulevard will close from March 13th  through August 4th along an approximate one-half mile stretch from the University Boulevard and Bryant Drive intersection west to the area near the University Boulevard and Second Avenue intersection (near Arby’s).

The road will not close as two lanes will remain open, but traffic flow will be impacted. Initially, the westbound lanes will close for construction, but traffic will be two-way on the eastbound lanes from March 13 to May 27.  Once the westbound construction is complete, two-way traffic will move to the westbound lanes, and eastbound lanes will be closed for construction.

UA will replace the road’s concrete slabs with asphalt and add medians, landscaping, a transit lane, a bike lane and make lighting improvements. This project is Phase II of a broader initiative to re-pave University Boulevard from McFarland to downtown.



Ride Amigos

Ride Amigos is a ride share program that allows students of the University of Alabama to connect and utilize carpool opportunities among their fellow classmates.  Once you place your origin and destination in the system you can find other people to carpool with, search for driving, biking or walking distance to your destination or see if you can catch a bus on your route.  If you review the Ride Amigos tab on our webpage you can also review training videos that help you get started.



2016 – 2017 Parking and Campus Maps

Updated campus and parking maps have been uploaded, you may view them on our Parking Maps page.



To stay up to date on all construction and road closures on campus please visit