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Commuter Parking Enhancements

After many requests for added commuter parking options that align with varying student schedules, Parking Services is pleased to announce the following enhancements for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  1. Zone Consolidation:
    • The Northeast and Southeast Commuter zones will be combined into a single zone called the East Commuter Zone.
    • Students who purchase a permit for the East Commuter Zone will have parking access in both the former Southeast and Northeast Commuter zones.
    • The cost of this permit will be $375 for the full academic year.
  2. West Commuter Permit Expansion:
    • New for the 2024-2025 academic year, the West Commuter permit will be valid in both the West Commuter and East Commuter zones.
    • The cost of the West Commuter permit will be $400 for the full academic year.

Electronic Citations (E-Citations)

To reduce paper and eliminate waste, Transportation Services will begin testing a new e-citation system beginning Friday, July 21.  E-citations give parking enforcement officers the option of sending citations via email instead of printing a physical ticket. 

When a citation is issued, it will be emailed to the customer that is registered as the owner or responsible party of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not registered, the system will recognize the missing registration and prompt the printing of a physical ticket that will be placed on the vehicle. 

During the testing phase, individuals that receive a citation will have an easy-to-peel-off sticker placed on their windshield to inform them they have received a citation and need to check their email. 

The new e-citation system is expected to be fully implemented beginning this fall.  For questions or concerns contact Transportation Services at 205-348-5471 or